The Mistakes Of Historians In General - The Seven Churches Of Asia - Outline Of The Seven Churches.


The Rock Foundation - Christ The Only Builder Of His Church - The Keys Of The Kingdom Of Heaven - The Opening Of The Kingdom Of Heaven - The Parable Of The Tares - The Divine Principle Of Church Government - This Principle Of Church Government Still Applicable - The Principle Of Reception At The Beginning.


The Day Of Pentecost Fully Come - The Resurrection And Ascension Of Christ - The Descent Of The Holy Ghost - Peter's First Appeal To The Jews - The Calling In Of The Gentiles - The Sealing Of The Gentiles - The First Christian Martyr.


The Disciples Persecuted And Scattered - The Triumphs Of The Gospel In Samaria - Jerusalem And Samaria United By The Gospel - The Ethiopian Eunuch Receives The Gospel - The Conversion Of Saul Of Tarsus - The Apostleship Of Paul.


The Missionaries Of The Cross - The Twelve Apostles - The Herodian Line Of Kings - Peter At Antioch.


The Apostle Paul - Before His Conversion. - Saul's First Visit To Jerusalem - About A.D. 39 - Saul's Second Visit To Jerusalem - About A.D. 44 - Saul's First Missionary Journey - About A.D. 48 - Paul's Third Visit To Jerusalem - About A.D. 50paul's Second Missionary Journey - About A.D. 51. - Paul Carries The Gospel Into Europe - The Effect Of Paul's Preaching At Philippi - Paul At Thessalonica And Berea - Paul's Visit To Athens - Paul's Visit To Corinth - Paul's Passing Visit To Ephesus - Paul's Fourth Visit To Jerusalem - The Return Of Paul To Antioch.


Paul's Third Missionary Journey - A.D. 54 - the Tumult At Ephesus - Paul's Departure From Ephesus For Macedonia - Paul Leaves Corinth - Paul At Miletus - Paul's Fifth Visit To Jerusalem - The End Of Paul's Free Labours - Paul In The Temple - Paul's Speech On The Stairs Of The Castle - Paul Before The Sanhedrim - Paul Appears Before Felix - Paul Appears Before Festus And Agrippa - Paul Appears Before Agrippa And Bernice - Paul's Voyage To Rome - A.D. 60 - The Storm In The Sea Of Adria - The Shipwreck - Paul At Melita - Now Malta - Paul's Arrival At Rome - The Book Of The Acts Transitional - Paul's Occupation During His Imprisonment - The Runaway Slave, Onesimus - Epistles That Were Written During His Imprisonment - Paul's Acquittal And Release - Paul's Departure From Italy - The Places Visited By Paul During His Liberty - Paul's Second Imprisonment At Rome - The Martyrdom Of Paul - Chronological Table Of Paul's Life.


The Burning Of Rome - The First Persecution Under The Emperors - The Downfall Of Jerusalem - A.D. 70The Cruel Reign Of Domitian - The Short But Peaceful Reign Of Nerva - The Condition Of Christians During The Reign Of Trajan - A.D. 98-117 - C. Pliny To Trajan Emperor - Trajan To Pliny - The Real Cause Of Persecution - The Ostensible Causes Of Persecution - The Rapid Progress Of Christianity - The Martyrdom Of Ignatius - The Writings Of The Fathers And Scripture - The Reigns Of Hadrian And The Antonines - From A.D. 117 to 180 - The Close Of The First Period And The Opening Of The Second - The Address To The Church Of Ephesus - Revelation 2: 1-7 - The Address To The Church At Smyrna - Revelation 2: 8-11 - The Second Period Of The Church's History - Commenced About A.D. 167The Persecution In Asia - A.D. 167The Martyrdom Of Justin, Surnamed Martyr - Lines On The Martyrdom Of A Roman Centurion - The Martyrdom of Polycarp - The Persecutions In France - A.D. 177 - The Power Of Prayer.



The Internal History Of The Church - The Immediate Followers Of The Apostles - Clericalism, Ministry, And Individual Responsibility - The Effect Of The New Order Of Clergy - The Origin Of The Distinction Between Clergy And Laity - What Was A Bishop In Early Times? - The Origin Of Dioceses - The Origin Of The Metropolitan Bishop.


From Commodus Till The Accession Of Constantine - A.D. 180-313 - Christianity Under The Reign Of Severus - A.D. 194-210 - Persecutions Under Severus - A.D. 202 - The Persecution In Africa - Perpetua And Her Companions - The Altered Position Of Christianity - The First Public Buildings For Christian Assemblies - The Lord's Dealings With The Clergy - The General Persecution Under Decius - The Effects Of Worldliness In The Church - The Power Of Faith And Christian Devotedness - The Martyrdom Of Cyprian Under Valerian - The General State Of Christianity - A Survey Of The Condition Of The Church - A.D. 303the Acts Of Diocletian And The Close Of The Smyrnean Period - The First Edict - The Second Edict - The Third Edict - The Fourth Edict - The Hand Of The Lord In Judgment.


Constantine - The Pergamos Period A.D. 313-606 - The Conversion Of Constantine - A.D. 312the Banner Of The Cross - The Edict Of Constantine And Licinius - A.D. 313the Religious History Of Constantine - The Church As Constantine Found Her - The Union Of The Church And State - Constantine As Head Of The Church And High Priest Of The Heathen - The Effects Of Royal Favour - The Witness Of History - The True Character Of The Church Disappears - The Baptism And Death Of Constantine - The Donatistic And Arian Controversies - Constantine As Arbiter Of Ecclesiastical Differences - Reflections On The First Great Schism In The Church - The Arian Controversy - The Beginning Of Arianism - Constantine's First Impression Of The Controversy.


The Council Of Nice - The Nicene Creed - Constantine Changes His Mind - Athanasius, Bishop Of Alexandria - Athanasius Contests The Authority Of Constantine - The Council Of Tyre - The Death Of Arius - Reflections On The Great Events In Constantine's Reign - The Sons Of Constantine - A.D. 337-361 - The History Of Athanasius - The Councils Of Arles And Milan - The Death And Successors Of Constantius - What Service Did Athanasius Render To The Church? - Christianity Under The Reign Of Gratian - Theodosius, Surnamed The Great - The Barbaric Invaders - The Religious History Of Theodosius - The Failings And Virtues Of Theodosius - The Sin And Repentance Of Theodosius - Reflections On The Discipline Of Ambrose, And The Penance Of Theodosius.


The Internal History Of The Church - Ecclesiastical Variations Of Baptism - Reflections On The History Of Baptism - What Is The Teaching Of John 3:5? - The Origin Of Infant Communion - The Position And Character Of The Clergy - The Origin And Growth Of Monasticism - The Virtues And Failures Of Antony - The First Society Of Ascetics - The Monasteries And The Roman Pontiff - The Origin Of Female Recluses - The Ceremony Of Taking The Vow - Reflections On The Principles Of Asceticism - Arcadius And Honorius, - A.D. 395reflections On The Calamities Of Rome - The Conversion Of The Barbarians - The Conversion Of Clovis - Rites And Ceremonies - The Degenerating Influence Of Ritualism - The Pelagian Heresy - Augustine And Divine Grace - Reflections On The Condition Of Man And The Grace Of God - How Is Man Responsible? - The Nestorians - Anastasius And Mariolatry - The Difference Between Nestorius And His Opponents - Cyril And Orthodoxy - The Close Of The Pergamos Period.



The Epistle To The Church In Thyatira - The Commencement Of The Papal Period - The Advantages Of Rome - Leo The First, Surnamed The Great - The Emperor Justinian - Gregory The First, Surnamed The Great - A.D. 590 - The Fervent Charity Of Gregory - The Ecclesiastical And Temporal Position Of Gregory - The Missionary Zeal Of Gregory - The First Planting Of The Cross In Britain - The Ancient British Church - The Arrival Of The Saxons In England - The Mission Of Augustine To England - Romish Hierarchy Formed In England - Reflections On The Mission Of Augustine And The Character Of Gregory - The Superstition And Idolatry Of Gregory.



The Spread Of Christianity Over Europe - The First Preachers Of Christianity In Ireland - The Missionary Zeal Of Ireland - The Mission Of Columba - The Characteristics Of A Monk Superior - The First Preachers Of Christianity In Scotland - The Iona Missionaries - The Clerical Tonsure - Who Were The Culdees? - The Spread Of Christianity In Germany And Parts Adjacent - The Great Papal Scheme Of Aggrandisement - The Transitional Period Of The Papacy - The One Grand Object Of The Papacy - Pepin And Charlemagne - A.D. 741-814 - Zachary's Sanction Of Pepin's Plot - The Temporal Sovereignty Of The Papacy Established - The Foreshadowing Of The Man Of Sin - The Territorial Donation Of Charlemagne.


Mahomet, The False Prophet Of Arabia - The Family And Youth Of Mahomet - The Religion Of Islam - Mahomet's Triumphant Entry Into Medina - Mecca The Capital Of Islam - The Successors Of Mahomet - Reflections On Mahometanism And Romanism - Monothelites, Iconoclasm - The First Visible Object Of Christian Veneration - Leo Attempts The Abolition Of Image-Worship - About A.D. 726 - The Second Edict Published - The Pope Rejects The Edicts Of Leo - A Lying Spirit In The Mouth Of Popery - Close Of Iconoclasm - The Second Council Of Nicaea - Helena And Irene.


The Silver Line Of Sovereign Grace - The Nestorians And The Paulicians - The Origin Of The Paulicians - A.D. 653 - Silvanus At Cibossa - Another Jezebel In Power - A.D. 842 - Rome's Admiration Of Theodora's Conduct - The Paulicians Rebel Against The Government - The Paulicians In Europe - The Religious Wars Of Charlemagne - From About 771-814Hadrian Sends For Charlemagne - The Sovereignty Of The Roman Pontiffs - A.D. 775The Great Epoch In The Annals Of Popery - The Sword Of Charlemagne Or Baptism - The Evil Influence Of The Pope's Missionaries - The Feudal Hierarchical System - Reflections On The Lord's Care For His Own - The Papal Forgery - The Ignorance And Credulity Of The Times - The Foundations And Edifice Of Popery - Mosheim's Summary.


The Propagation Of Christianity - Ninth Century - The Revival Of Education - Louis The Pious - The Conversion Of The Northern Nations - The Sclavonians Receive The Gospel - The Flowing Stream Of Life - England, Scotland, And Ireland - The Northmen - The Supposed End Of The World - The Year Of Terror.


The Church-Building Spirit Revived - The Revival Of Literature - The Revival Of Letters By The Arabs - The Learning Of The Arabs Imported Into Christendom - Traces Of The Silver Line Of God's Grace - Reflections On The Missionary Spirit Of Rome.



The Pontificate Of Gregory VII - Extremes Of Character - Gregory And Clerical Independence - The "Dictates Of Gregory" - Gregory And Reform - Celibacy And Simony - The Simoniacal Heresy - The Rise And Progress Of Simony - Gregory And Investitures - A.D. 1075 - Gregory And Henry IV - The Emperor Deposed By The Pope - A Great Civil War - Henry Sets Out For Italy - Henry At Canosa - The Penance Of The King - The Effects Of The Papal Policy - Henry And Bertha Crowned - A.D. 1084 - Robert Guiscard Enters Rome - A.D. 1084The Burning Of Ancient Rome - The Death Of Gregory - A.D. 1085The Remaining Years And Death Of Henry - Reflections On The Struggle Between Henry And Gregory.


The Crusades - The Sacred Places - Peter The Hermit - Pope Urban And The Crusades - The First Crusade - A.D. 1096 - The Second Division Of The First Crusade - The Siege Of Nicaea - The Siege Of Antioch - The Siege Of Jerusalem - A.D. 1099Jerusalem In The Hands Of The Christians - The Second Crusade - A.D. 1147 - The Third Crusade - A.D. 1189 - The Remainder Of The Crusades - A.D. 1195-1270 - The Children's Crusade - A.D. 1213 - Reflections On The Crusades - The Knights Templars And Hospitallers.


Henry V And Gregory's Successors - A.D. 1186-1122 - The Donation Of Matilda - The Concordat Of Worms - ST. BERNARD, ABBOT OF CLAIRVAUX - St.Bernard And Monasticism - The Cistercian Monasteries - Bernard's Profession - Bernard Leaves Citeaux - The Power Of Bernard's Preaching - The Age Of Miracles And Visions - The Degeneracy Of The Monastic Rule - Bernard Leaves Clairvaux - A.D. 1130 - The Great Council Of The Lateran - A.D. 1139 - Bernard And Abelard - The Dawn Of Light In The Dark Ages - Arnold Of Brescia - Arnold's Preaching - The Martyrdom Of Arnold - A.D. 1155 - The Meeting Between Adrian And Frederick.


The Encroachments Of Rome In England - A.D. 1162The English Law And Custom - The Introduction Of Canon Law Into England - Thomas A Becket And Henry II - Thomas A Becket As Chancellor - A.D. 1158 - Thomas A Becket Archbishop Of Canterbury - A.D. 1162The Constitutions Of Clarendon - Thomas A Becket Opposes The King - The Perplexity Of The King - Thomas A Becket Assassinated - A.D. 1171The Humiliation Of Henry IIThe Penance Of Henry At The Tomb Of Becket - A.D. 1174 - Reflections On The Close Of The Great Struggle.


The Theology Of The Church Of Rome - The Seven Sacraments - Transubstantiation - Mary-Worship - Saint-Worship - Relic-Worship - Purgatory - The Region Of Purgatory - The Uses Made Of Purgatory - Extreme Unction - Auricular Confession - The Origin Of The Confessional - Indulgences - History Of Indulgences.


Innocent III And His Times - A.D. 1198-1216The Babylon Of Revelation 17 - Innocent And The Kings Of The Earth - Innocent's Views Of The Popedom - Innocent And The City Of Rome - Innocent And The Kingdom Of Sicily - Innocent And The States Of The Church - Innocent And The Empire - Philip And Otho - The Civil War In Germany - The Death Of Philip - The Apostasy Of Otho - The Fall Of Otho - Innocent And Philip Augustus - The Pope's Legate In France - The Rage Of The King - Innocent And England - John And The Papacy - England Under The Ban - The Crown Of England Offered To France - England Surrendered To Rome - Magna Charta - The Rage Of Innocent.



Innocent And The South Of France - The Chain Of Witnesses - Petrobrussians - Henricians - Vaudois, Albigenses, Waldenses - Peter Waldo - The Dispersion of Waldo's Followers - The Region Of Albi - Innocent And The Albigensian Persecution - Raymond A Spiritual Outlaw - The Home Crusade - The Slaughter And Burning Of Beziers - The Siege Of Carcassonne - The Ruin Of Raymond Determined - The Real Object Of The Catholics - The War Changes Its Character - The Barbarities Of Simon And Arnold - The Siege Of Toulouse - The Pope Temporizes - The Battle Of Muret - The Conquerors Quarrel Among Themselves - The Lies Of Fouquet - The Death Of De Montfort - The Kings Of France And The Albigenses - Reflections On The Calamities Of Languedoc.


The Inquisition Established In Languedoc - The Statutes Of The Council Of Toulouse - The History Of The Inquisition - The Internal Proceedings Of The Inquisition - The Application Of Torture - The Auto-DA-Fe - Ancient And Modern Monks - St.Benedict - The Rule Of St. Benedict - The Benedictines - The Missionary Zeal Of Benedictines - The New Orders - St. Dominic And St. Francis - The Origin And Character Of The Dominicans - The Origin And Character Of The Franciscans - The Earlier And Later Monastic Orders - The Apostasy Of The Mendicants.


The Approaching Dawn Of The Reformation - Christianity In Ireland - Christianity In Scotland - The Wealth Of The Abbeys In Scotland - The Effects Of Wealth On The Clergy - Popery As A System - The Spread Of Christianity - Reflections On The History Of Popery.


The Decline Of Papal Power - The Conquest And Loss Of Damietta - Gregory IX And Frederick II. - Frederick Disregards The Papal Excommunication - The Overruling Hand Of God - Boniface VIII And Philip The Fair - A.D. 1295 to 1303The Humiliation Of The Pontiff - Reflections On The Death Of Boniface - The Popes Of Avignon.


The Forerunners Of The Reformation - The First Great Schools Of Learning - The Real Worthies Of Ecclesiastical History - Literary Men - The Theologians - Reflections On The Schoolmen - The Waldenses - Waldensian Persecutions - Waldensian Missionaries - The Dark Year Of 1560.


John Wycliffe - England And The Papacy - Wycliffe And The Friars - Wycliffe And The Government - Wycliffe At Avignon - Wycliffe A Heresiarch - Wycliffe And The Papal Bulls - Wycliffe And The Bible - Partial Translations - Reflections On The Life Of Wycliffe - The Lollards - The Statute For The Burning Of Heretics - The Constitutions Of Arundel - The Trial Of Lord Cobham - The Martyrdom Of Lord Cobham.


The Reformation Movement In Bohemia - The Council Of Pisa - The Council Of Constance - The Spread Of The Truth - Civil Commotions - The Imprisonment Of John Huss - The Examination Of John Huss - The Council Embarrassed - The Judgment Of Sigismund - The Condemnation Of Huss - The Degradation And Execution Of John Huss - The Arrest And Imprisonment Of Jerome - The Execution Of Jerome - Reflections On The Character Of The Council - The Bohemian War - The Victories Of The Taborites - The Total Defeat Of The Papal Army - Internal Divisions - The United Brethren - The Connection Of The Witnesses.



The Capture Of Constantinople - Invention Of Printing - Improvement Of Paper - The First Printed Bible - Rome's Opposition To The Bible - The Immediate Precursors Of Luther - Reflections On The Life Of Savonarola.


The Reformation In Germany - Popery And Mankind - The State Of The Church At The Beginning Of The Sixteenth Century - The First Period Of Luther's Life - The Second Period Of Luther's Life - Luther And The Pious Ursula - Luther Enters The University At Erfurt - Luther's First Sight Of A Bible - How To Study The Bible - Luther Becomes A Monk - Luther's Experience As A Monk - Luther's Conversion - Luther And Staupitz - Reflections On The Conversion Of Luther - Luther A Priest And A Professor - Luther Visits Rome.


The First Papal Jubilee - The Golden Year - The Sale Of Indulgences - The Pope's Agents - John Tetzel - A Specimen Of Tetzel's Preaching - Luther's Public Appeal - A.D. 1517 - Luther At Heidelberg - Luther At Augsburg - Luther At Altenburg - Distinguished Men Of The Sixteenth Century - Luther And The Bull Of Excommunication - Luther And Charles The Fifth - The Diet Of Worms - A.D. 1521 - January Till May - Luther's Summons And Safe-Conduct - Luther Appears Before The Assembly - Luther's Prayer - Luther's Second Appearance - Reflections On The Appearance Of Luther At Worms.


Luther At Wartburg - Reflections On Luther's Captivity - Luther Returns To Wittemberg - Luther And The German Bible - The General Progress Of The Reformation - The Reformation And Henry The Eighth - Lutheran Churches - "The Hundred Grievances” - Events Adverse To The Reformation - The Anabaptists - The Sacramentarian Question - Political Chiefs Of The Reformation - The First Diet Of Spires - The Second Diet of Spires - The Protest.


Protestantism - The Epistle To The Church In Sardis - The Lutheran Churches - A.D. 1526-1529 - The First Planting Of The Lutheran Churches - The Death Of Frederick - The Appeal Of The Princes - Meetings Of The Protestants.


The Sacramentarian Controversy - Zwingle's Early Views - Carlstadt, Luther, And Zwingle - Summons To Marburg - The Conference At Marburg - AProposal For Toleration And Unity - Reflections On The Conference At Marburg.



The Council Of Bologna - The Diet Of Augsburg - The Confession Of Augsburg - The Arrival Of Charles At Augsburg - The Chiefs Of The Augsburg Diet - The Opening Of The Diet Of Augsburg - The Articles Of Faith - The Articles Concerning Abuses - The Perplexities Of The Protestants - The Sorrows And Fears Of Melancthon - The Letters Of Melancthon And Luther.


The Popish Refutation - A Copy Of The Refutation Refused - Private Negotiations - The Termination Of The Diet - The Final Decree - Reflections On The Diet Of Augsburg - The Providence Of God In The Affairs Of Charles - The League Of Smalcald - The Second Meeting At Smalcald - Charles Seeks To Conciliate The Protestants - The Peace Of Ratisbon - The Opinions Of Historians.


The Reformation In Switzerland - Christianity Introduced Into Switzerland - The Birth And Education Of Zwingle - Zwingle, Pastor Of Glaris - Zwingle At Einsidlen - Zwingle And Reform At Einsidlen - The Effect Of Zwingle's Preaching - Zwingle Removes To Zurich - Zwingle And The Gospel - Zwingle And The Sale Of Indulgences - The Rising Storm.


The Leaders Of The Reformation In Switzerland - Reflections On The Dawning Of The Swiss Reformation - Progress Of The Reformation - Zurich - A.D. 1522 - The Monks Conspire Against Zwingle - The Publications Of Zwingle - Zwingle And His Brothers - The Disputations At Zurich - The Theses Of Zwingle - The Meeting At Zurich - The Effects Of The Decree - The Zeal Of Zwingle And Leo Juda - The Second Disputation At Zurich - The Word Of God Prevails - Reflections On The Character Of The Conference.


The Results Of The Disputations - The First Martyr Of The Swiss Reformation - The Blood Of Hottinger Inflames The Zeal Of The Papists - The Answer Of Zurich To Lucerne - The Downfall Of The Images - The Swiss And German Reformation - The Marriage Of Zwingle - The Progress Of Reform - The Weapons Of Rome's Warfare - The Illegal Arrest Of Œxlin - The Wriths Falsely Accused - The Assembly Of Baden - The Wriths And Ruteman Falsely Condemned - The Martyrdom Of The Wriths And Ruteman.


The General Progress Of Reform - The Abolition Of The Mass - The Celebration Of The Lord's Supper - The Reformation In Berne - The Nuns Of Konigsfeldt - The Conference At Baden - The Opening Of The Diet - The Great Conference At Berne - The Opposition Of Rome - The Opening Of The Conference - The Regulations Of The Conference - The Results Of The Conference - The Mercy Of The Gospel - The Reformation Of Basle - The People In Advance Of The Government - Basle In A State Of Siege - The Idols Destroyed - The Results Of The Revolution - The Sacramental Dispute.


The Extension Of Reform In Switzerland - The Mingling Of Spiritual And Political Affairs - The First False Step - "A Confederacy” - The Five Cantons Form A League With Austria - The Romish Cantons Persecute The Reformed - War Declared - Military Preparations - The Treaty Of Cappel - Zwingle's Christian Confederation - The Five Cantons Violate The Treaty - The Flames Of Persecution Rekindled - The Blockade - Zwingle's Policy - The Mediators Renew Their Exertions - The Position Of Zurich And The Reformation - War Declared Against Zurich - The Infatuation Of The Council Of Zurich - The Evil Forebodings Of The People - The Battle Of Cappel - The Death Of Zwingle - The Camp Followers - Reflections On The Life Of Zwingle - Treaties Of Peace.


The Reformation In Germany - A Brief Survey - A Great Increase - The Great Actors Passing Off The Scene - The Latter End Of Luther - The Death Of Luther - The Funeral Of Luther - Reflections On The Life Of Luther - The Lord's Care Of His Servant - The Domestic And Inner Life Of Luther - Luther's Marriage - The Marriage Feast - The Married Life Of Luther - Conclusion.


The Opening Of The Council Of Trent - The Treaty Between The Pope And The Emperor - The Smalcald War - The Pope Reveals The Dark Secret - The Army Of The Confederates - The First Operations Of The Protestants - The Treachery Of Maurice - The Dissolution Of The League - The Germans Treated As A Conquered People.


"The Interim” - The New Creed - The Interim Opposed By Protestants And Papists - Melancthon's Submission - The Opposition Of The Free Cities - A New Turn In The Tide Of Events - The Revolution In Germany - A.D. 1552the Emperor's Flight - The Peace Of Passau - Reflections On The Foregoing Pages - The Calamities Of The Protestants - The Rise Of The Jesuits - Ignatius Loyola - Commencement Of The Order Of Jesuits - The Jesuits' Real Object.



The Effect Of The Reformation In Germany On The Nations Of Europe - Sweden And Denmark - A.D. 1520 - 1530 - Italy - The Writings Of Luther - The Persecution Of The Christians - Italian Exiles - Spain - The Introduction Of The Reformed Doctrines Into Spain - The Suppression Of The Reformation In Spain - Reflections On The Policy Of Spain - The Netherlands - The policy Of Charles - The Truth Prevails In Spite Of The Flames - The Association Of The Nobles - The Duke Of Alva - The Administration Of Alva - The Real Character Of Popery - The Triumph Of Truth And Righteousness - Reflections On Bigotry And Christianity.


The Reformation In French Switzerland - The Early History Of William Farel - Farel's Preaching In Switzerland - Farel Reaches Geneva - Farel's First Preaching In Geneva - Farel Returns To Geneva - A Public Disputation - How The Monks Deceived The People - The Reformation Established At Lausanne - The Arrival Of Calvin In Geneva - The Early History Of Calvin - Calvin's Conversion - Calvin A Student Of Law - Calvin Gives Up The Study Of Civil Law - The Institutes Published - Calvin And Farel Banished From Geneva - Calvin At Strasburg - His Work And Marriage - Calvin's Return To Geneva - Calvin And Servetus - The Character And Execution Of Servetus - Calvin's Work - Calvin And Calvinism - The Closing Days Of Calvin.


The Reformation In France - First-Fruits Of The Reformation - The Conversion Of Margaret - The Reformation Of Brissonnet - The Bible In French At Meaux - The Blessed Effects Of The Word Of God - Commencement Of Persecution In France - Brissonnet Accused Of Heresy - The First Martyrs Of France - The Martyrdom Of Leclerc - Reflections On The Fall Of Brissonnet - The Conversion And Faith Of Louis Berquin - The Sentence Of The Sorbonne, And The Martyrdom Of Berquin - The Rapid Spread Of The Reform Doctrines - The Year Of The Placards - The Executions - The Procession And Martyrdoms - Retributive Justice.


The Great Progress Of The Reformation - Henry II - The Martyrdom Of du Bourg - The First Planting Of The Reformed Church In France - Francis II - The Saint Bartholomew Massacre - The King's Snare To Entrap The Huguenots - The King's Consummate Duplicity - Saint Bartholomew's Eve - Massacre In The Provinces - The Number Of Victims - The End Of The Leading Actors In The Massacre - The Council Of Trent - Pope Pius's Creed.


The Waldenses - The Wars Of Extermination - The Treachery Of Pianessa - The Faith And Heroism Of Gianavello - The Massacre - The Sympathy Of England - The Peace Of 1655 - The Persecution And Expulsion Of The Waldenses - The Arrival Of The Exiles At Geneva - The Embarkation Of The Exiles.


The Reformation In The British Isles - Ireland - Henry Viii And The Irish Church - Henry, King Of Ireland - Irish Presbyterian Church - Scotland - The Progress Of The Reformation - First Martyrs Of The Scottish Reformation - The Martyrdom Of Patrick Hamilton - Many Of The Clergy And Nobles Embrace The Reformation - The Fiery Zeal Of Cardinal Beaton - Cardinal Beaton's Proscription-Roll - The Perplexity And Death Of The King - The Bible Restored To The Nation - George Wishart - The Plague In Dundee - The Apprehension And Martyrdom Of Wishart - The Death Of Cardinal Beaton - The Results Of Cardinal Beaton's Death - John Knox - Knox's Call To The Ministry - Mary Of Guise And The French Fleet - Knox Regains His Liberty - Knox Returns To Scotland - The First Covenant - Knox's Final Return To Scotland - Popular Tumults - The Papacy Abolished By Act Of Parliament.


England - The Martyrdom Of John Brown - Henry VIII - Thomas Wolsey - The Reformation Begun - The Works Of Luther Reach England - Henry And Luther - The Royal Marriages - The Persecution Begins - The Suppression Of Monasteries - The Six Articles - The True Source Of The Reformation - The Reign Of Edward VI - The Reign Of Mary - Ridley, Latimer, And Cranmer - Martyrdom Of Cranmer.


The Reign Of Elizabeth - The Puritans - Charles II and James II. - The Revolution Of 1688 - The Protestant Succession - Ebenezer Erskine - John Wesley - George Whitefield - Revival At Cambuslang - Sunday Schools - Foreign Missions.


Philadelphia - Laodicea - Prophetic Truth - Church Truth - "The Brethren" - The Brethren's First Pamphlet - The Brethren's First Public Room - The Spread Of The Truth - The Origin Of The Title -"Plymouth Brethren" - False Doctrine Detected - The Division - The Free Church Of Scotland - The Disruption - The Awakening In 1859 - The Origin Of Noon-Day Prayer-Meetings - The North Of Ireland - The Week Of Prayer .